Common Questions & Answers

Expedition Bali frequently asked questions offers answers for a variety of tours. The FAQ list below is designed to provide you with answers to the most frequently asked questions. Expedition Bali Tours prides itself on providing exceptional customer service. If you have additional questions that are not covered on this page please call or email us for a timely response.

Both of our tours, Retro Classic tour and Lempuyang tour, stay on pavement and explore the landscape from the many overlooks along the East an South parts of the island. Morning volcano tour and Evening volcano tour go to frozen lava and volcanic ash dunes off-road.

Expedition Bali have special permission for enter Secured National Geopark west area of volcano. Our tours Morning volcano and Evening volcano explore the Batur Volcano from the different landscape like: frozen lava, volcanic ash dunes, volcano rainforest and hiking to the middle crater  with expert tour guide.

Our tours depart in different time. 4.00 am Morning Volcano Tour, 4.00 am Lempuyang Tour, 1.00 pm Evening Volcano Tour and every saturday in 7.30 am Retro Classic Tour

Please contact us directly at +62 819 9933 5673 for specific information.

We require advance reservations minimum 48 hours.  We recommend making reservations in advance so that you will have the greatest selection of tours and times available.

All children must be accompanied by an adult and be at least 2 years old.

If you cancel your tours with more than 48-hours notice there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel your tour with less than 48-hours notice there is a 100% cancellation charge. You are always able to reschedule your tour for a later time if you cannot make your tour within the 48-hour cancellation window.

You should bring clothing that will support you when the vehicle stops and you have the opportunity to get out and explore the different locations with your guide. We always advise our guests to wear a hat and use sunscreen. You should also wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a swimming suit and towel.

Please keep in mind that the elevation at the Batur Volcano area  is over 1500 meters  above sea level and there may be strong winds. It never hurts to bring a jacket. Also, don’t forget to bring your camera!

Expedition Bali custom-made Toyota Land Cruisers are designed with your comfort in mind. Depending on the weather at the volcano area, our vehicles can be enclosed, then cooled to your liking. For optimum viewing of the Volcano, the vehicle is open so you can fully appreciate the sights and sounds of this amazing landmark.

Expedition Bali retro Chevrolet Impalas and VW hippy buses is also equipped with aircondition systems.

The Morning Volcano Tour and Evening Volcano Tour is a 30-min uphill  trek that will take you to the middle crater of Batur volcano. Your professional tour guide is a certified Batur Volcano Guide Association for your safety will customize hiking based on your physical abilities and personal preferences.

We offer hotel pick-ups by van at no additional charge. The customer service representative can help coordinate a pick-up for you when you make your reservation.

Our tours operate rain or shine. The Bali area has a lot of micro climates so most rainfall is short-lived. The rainfall offers a chance for rainbows and waterfalls providing spectacular photo opportunities. We also have rain ponchos on our cars.

Yes, it is customary to tip your tour guide, especially if they provided you with exceptional service. If you want you can tip your tour guide directly.

Our vehicles are built with your comfort in mind. Our iconic Toyota Land Cruiser holds up to 4 guests, Chevrolet Impalas hold up to 4 guests and VW T2 Hippy Bus hold 6 guests. We provides a small group interactive experience.

You are welcome to bring snacks or a lunch of your own. Please be advised that we do not allow alcoholic beverages or glass containers in our vehicles for our guests’ safety.

To lessen our carbon footprint we attempt to fill each vehicle with multiple guests. Therefore, it is likely that other guests will be in the vehicle with you on your tour experience. If you visit Expedition Bali Facebook page or TripAdvisor link you’ll notice that a lot of our guests have a great tour experience with their Tour Guide and the other guests on the vehicle.

Yes. Expedition Bali Tours offers our guests the opportunity to reserve their own private guided tour vehicle by purchasing a minimum of 4 seats. Please know that if you have a large family and/or group of friends (12 or more), you qualify as a group. Large groups get additional discounts and can work with our staff in creating a unique customized tour. We also provide tours for weddings and corporate events. Call our Group Sales Manager at phone or WhatsAp +62 819 9933 5673 for more information.

Expedition Bali Tours has a variety of Wedding and Group Tours available. For more information, contact our our Sales Manager at phone or WhatsAp +62 819 9933 5673 for more information.

There are restrooms at some locations along the tour route.

Expedition Bali Tours offers occasional seasonal discounts which we advertise on the Home Page of our website or by private rewards vouchers.

A Geopark is a unified area with geological heritage of international significance. Membership of the Global Geopark Network is awarded by UNESCO. Geoparks showcase and celebrate the abiotic or geodiversity on earth, including rocks, landforms and processes on which the biota (living things like plants and animals) and human culture depends. In 2014 there are 110 Geoparks globally.

Geoparks also inform us about living with geological hazards (like earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis), climate change and the need for and sustainable use of natural resources.

Geotourism a growing form of nature-based tourism, supports Geoparks and their goals of stimulating sustainable tourism that benefits the environment, culture and the well-being of local communities.

Without its volcanoes, there is no Bali! The Batur caldera is one of the most scenic on earth. It has important religious and cultural significance for the people of Bali and for people from the Bangli and Gianyar Regencies who have lived on and farmed its rich volcanic soils and fished from Lake Batur from at least the 9th century AD. Its mountainous volcanic region also increases the amount of rainfall the island of Bali receives