See the Hidden Gems of Mount Batur on our Unforgettable Adventure

See the Stunning Sunrise from High Above the Batur Caldera

Unique Four-Wheel Drive Tour Through Ancient Lava Fields

Exciting Dark of the Night Four-Wheel Drive Up Mount Batur



Through our commitment to the environment, empowering the local people, and client-oriented approach, Expedition Bali offers the highest level of service and satisfaction for adventurers the world over, with tours for every budget.

We offer once in a lifetime adventures, some of the greatest fun, and everlasting memories.

Established in 2012, Expedition Bali has been thrilling visitors as Kintamani’s premier off-road tour company, the only licensed tour company to responsibly four-wheel drive in the UNESCO Geopark.

Expedition Bali offers a variety of tours that encompass history, nature and geology, all complimented by some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of natural wonders that you will ever likely see with your own eyes.

Take a four-wheel drive tour through Kintamani’s unique farming region, across the frozen lava fields of the 1843 and 1963 eruptions, then relax in natural healing hot springs.

Expedition Bali’s Sunrise Trekking starts half way up Mount Batur. Climb aboard our custom built four wheel drive and get a head start on the rest as you trek to the top on Mount Batur and watch a spectacular sunrise come over Mount Batur.

Explore the Mount Batur volcano, an ancient bamboo forest, a traditional Balinese village and the surrounding rice terraces and farmlands on our four-wheel drive Volcano & Village Tour.